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Our Background and History

Trevor Baylis presents Nelson Mandela with a Clockwork RadioTrevor Baylis Brands was started because Trevor, who is still the President of the Company, had such difficulties when he was trying to launch his famous Clockwork Radio invention. We set out to provide the help that was missing for him. Over the years we have worked closely with the UK Patent Office and British Standards Institution to improve the standard of help given to people with new invention ideas. Over the last ten years Trevor Baylis Brands has helped over 9,000 people with their invention ideas. 

Who should use the Services from TBB?

Our services are for anyone that has a good idea and wants help to make it a success. Our services are fully compliant with British Standards BS8538

Help & Advice from Trevor Baylis BrandsWe help people of all types; inventors, entrepreneurs, business owners, and especially people with a good idea. We provide Patent Searches, Intellectual Property Help, Technical and Design Advice and Product Marketing.

We firmly believe that the secret of successful people and businesses is that they concentrate on those ideas that can be successful and abandon those that are not going to make it. What we do is help them decide.
Trevor Baylis CBE in his workshop
So if programmes like Dragons' Den inspire you to start a new business or you need help with a new invention, or even of you are considering using crowdfunding to finance your idea then you need to know the facts. If you don't, then at best you may be wasting time and money or at worst you could be sued for infringing someone else's rights.

Just get one of our Information Packs from the button below and take the first steps on making your great idea a reality.

We can evaluate your invention and give you advice about your idea that will help with technical issues as well as patent advice on how to protect it.

The first step in protecting your idea is to do a worldwide patent and product search to make sure that it really is a new idea. Then you can start the patent process to protect your invention. If it is new and valuable then we have commercial services that can help you develop it. Give us a call or send us an email and we will do our best to help.

Trevor Baylis CBE
We have been helping Inventors, Entrepreneurs and Companies for over 12 years and our experts each have typically 40 years of relevant experience.

We have helped nearly 10,000 Inventors and produced detailed reports on thousands of ideas.

We can help you with your ideas by making sure that you have all the information that you need to make the right decisions. Get our Free Information Pack to find out more.

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If you have a great new idea or invention then we can help.

Our Free Information Packs contain everything you need to get started with a new idea. Just click the button and enter your details and we will send a pack to you right away.

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Read about how to protect your ideas using Patents, Registered Designs, Copyright and Trade Marks.
These are the key Guides & Forms you need to protect your Ideas.
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A Patent Search is an important first step to confirm that your idea is new. A Worldwide Patent Search is part of our Discovery Service.
We explain the science behind some common invention ideas.
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We explain how to apply for a patent and the steps you need to follow.
We explain what patents are for and how they protect ideas for gadgets, formulas and machines.
Registered Designs protect the appearance of a Product and are much easier to get than a Patent.
Trade Marks protect the name of a product or business and the logos that it uses.
We explain how licensing a product our idea works and how to calculate the income.
Copyright protects written work and pictures. It is important for protecting Software and Business Methods.
If you are not sure how to patent or protect your idea or where to get technical advice then our experts can help. We can help with patents and help with inventions.

So if you have a new invention idea we can help you through the confusing maze of intellectual property with practical help and advice. Just click the tiles on the left to find out more about how to patent and protect your ideas and the different types of intellectual property apart from patents such as registered designs, trade marks and copyright.

We help you patent, protect and sell qualifying ideas or products.
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How to get started with a new idea

Prepare a description of your idea including simple drawings if it is a product. You need to get it down on paper for your own benefit before you talk to anyone else. It doesnít need to be complicated. Just get the essential facts clear. Incidentally you get automatic copyright protection for any documents that you create. Our Information Pack explains how to describe your idea.

Check to make sure the idea works and is new

Check that the idea has not already been implemented by someone else, and that it works technically if it is a product. If you need help to do this make sure that you use a Confidentiality Agreement. Make sure that the rights in any design work you buy are assigned back to you. By default they belong to the Designer. You can get an example Confidentiality Agreement if you join the free Enterprise Service and we can check out your idea for you.

Protect the idea and make sure that you own it

Decide on a plan to protect the idea and ensure that it remains yours. It is important to do this first. You could easily lose the rights to your idea. It may be impossible to do anything about it if you leave it until later. You could protect the function, appearance, and name of the idea or product. You need to check the availability of web site names and company names as well as trade marks to avoid conflicts. We can help with all this as part of our service.

Choose the right kind of protection

Protecting ideas need not be very expensive and the cost can often be spread over time. The Patent Office fees are £280 for a Patent, £60 for a Registered Design and from £250 for a Trade Mark. Of course there may be other costs for professional help with these and for designs and prototypes. This is why it is vital to establish that the idea is viable before spending money.

Use the free help that is available

Many resources are available for little or no cost. The Patent Office provides helpful guidance on Intellectual Property protection and provides search facilities. There are Web Search Engines for finding product information. Companies House lets you research company information. You should always take proper professional advice if you are unsure of what to do. The TBB Enterprise Service delivers a lot of free help and advice and can provide more in depth research and advice on an idea for a fixed fee of £299.

Minimise the risks

You should not spend any significant amount of money unless there is a reasonable chance of getting it back. Make sure that the idea is protected by Confidentiality Agreements and Intellectual Property protection. Donít make expensive prototypes or buy stock for sale before you have someone seriously interested in buying the idea and you have it protected. This way you can minimise your risks.

Join the Enterprise Service for more help and advice

We realise that this can all seem rather daunting but it need not be. We can help you through the process and give you advice about the best way to proceed. Start by joining our Enterprise Service. Just click the button below to request a free information pack. There is no charge to join and we will automatically post you the pack for when you are ready to move on.