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Trevor Baylis presents Nelson Mandela with a Clockwork Radio
Trevor Baylis Brands provides help for inventors. We look at invention ideas and tell you the best way to protect your idea and how to get it developed. So if you need help with an invention or you want help to patent your idea then get our Discovery Pack by clicking on the Free Pack button above.

Over the last ten years we have helped over 9,000 people with their invention ideas. We can evaluate your invention and give you advice about your idea that will help with technical issues as well as patent advice on how to protect it. The first step in protecting your idea is to do a worldwide patent search to make sure that it really is a new idea. Then you can start the patent process to protect your invention. If it is new and valuable then we have commercial services that can help you develop it.

Trevor Baylis Brands was started because Trevor, who is still the President of the Company, had such difficulties when he was trying to launch his famous Clockwork Radio invention. We set out to provide the help that was missing for him. Over the years we have worked closely with the UK Patent Office and British Standards Institution to improve the standard of help given to people with new invention ideas.

So if programmes like Dragons' Den inspire you to start a new business or you need help with a new invention, or even of you are considering using crowdfunding to finance your idea then you need to know the facts. If you don't, then at best you may be wasting time and money or at worst you could be sued for infringing someone else's rights. Just get one of our Packs from the Service Packs button at the top of this page and take the first steps on making your great idea a reality.

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Developing Your Idea

Getting a great idea implemented can be a very rewarding experience. However there are some things that you must do if your idea is going to be a success. It must be original, it must work technically, and there must be a market for it. Our service is a very low cost way of finding out whether your idea qualifies. Our Inventor Discovery Pack tells you more.

Not sure what to do next? Trevor Baylis and our experts have listed our invention advice in our  top ten tips for Inventors. So if you have ever asked yourself the question "How do I patent my idea or invention?" this is a good place to get invention advice. Read them now.

Patenting Ideas

If you think that you might need a patent then it is important to find out if someone has already patented your idea. Although you may be convinced that your idea is unique, there are a lot of people in the world, and one of them may also have thought of the same idea as you.

So before you make a patent application to the UK Patent Office or spend money on prototypes and market research it’s a good idea to conduct a patent search. We can help you to make sure that your idea is properly protected by making a Patent Application.

Patent Application
If you have a design or idea that might be valuable then you should consider protecting it. In the UK the system of registration is run by the Intellectual Property Office and we can show you how to patent your idea by making an application for registration of your idea. It is free to do this in the UK.

When you have made your Patent Application you can use the term ‘Patent Pending’ to describe your idea. It is important that you get help to submit your patent because you need to make sure that the patent will stand up to the competition.

An important first step is to carry out a Patent Search to make sure that there are no patents already registered for a similar idea or design. A Patent Application cannot become a Patent if a similar idea has already been patented, even if the original patent has expired. 

Patent Search

A patent search looks through all the patents that have been published to try and find ideas that are similar to yours. By finding out early if there are any existing patents you have the opportunity to modify or improve your idea. If you don’t do this you could be wasting a lot of time and money and be disappointed later.

You can search for patents at the Intellectua l Property Office (formerly the Patent Office). To search the database effectively is quite an art and we can do a patent search for you after we exchange confidentiality agreements.

Next Steps

Still not sure what to do next? Have a look at the top ten tips for Inventors written by our experts. They tell you what you should and should not do to protect and develop your idea. Read them now.

If you would like to speak to someone about what to do next you can contact us by phone or email and we will try and answer your question. You can download our Free Inventor Discovery Pack which contains our non-disclosure agreement and everything you need to get started. If your idea is valuable we may be able to arrange a licence with one of our extensive network of industrial partners.

If you have an idea for a new invention and need help then you have come to the right place. We have helped over 9,000 people and have over ten years experience of helping people with ideas and inventions. Our services are fully compliant with BS8538.

Our experts can help you with practical help and advice to show you how to patent and protect ideas and then get them to market.

So get started with one of our Free Packs! They include a confidentiality agreement to keep your idea safe and everything else you need to send in your idea.  Just click the Free Pack button above.

With our Discovery Service you also get Free Membership of our Enterprise Service with access to even more documents and services. To find out more click the link below.

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