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Trevor Baylis Brands plc

trevor baylis gives a clockwork radio to nelson mandela
The Company was originally set up by Trevor Baylis in 2003 to help inventors who were struggling to develop and protect their ideas. Since then TBB has helped over 10,000 inventors and entrepreneurs and launched several spin-off companies.

TBB has recently expanded its services by joining forces with Design 2 Market Ltd to provide prototyping and product development services. D2M was chosen because of its long history of successful developments and the high standards of service that it provides.


Key Facts

•Trevor Baylis Brands (TBB) was formed in 2003 to provide a source of help and advice to Inventors and Entrepreneurs.
•Since then over 10,000 people have used its services and received valuable advice about their ideas and help with developing them.
•TBB has made a major contribution to the development of British Standards 8538 relating to this type of activity and works closely with other organisations to uphold these standards