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Frequently Asked Questions - Product Development

Will we look at any product?
Generally yes, but we reserve the absolute right to reject any application without reason. In such a case we would return your fees and any documents that you had sent us. Confidentiality agreements would of course remain in place unless the law compels us to do otherwise. Ideas that we would reject include those that we consider would be dangerous, harmful to the environment, potentially illegal or that would cause a conflict of interest. 
Do you specialise in particular technologies?
No we will look at any idea irrespective of the technology. 
Who will sell my product? 
TBB will try to find the most suitable route to market for the product. Who this is will depend on many factors and ultimately the choice of whether to go ahead is down to the inventor. 
What sort of products have commercial value? 
Almost anything can have a commercial value. However to be interesting to manufacturers the potential sales must justify the setup and marketing costs, so products for very specialised applications are more difficult to sell. 
Will you consider Perpetual Motion Machines? 
No. Any machine or apparatus that promises to operate without an obvious source of energy or with an efficiency equal to or greater than 100% is a perpetual motion machine. Such ideas will always be rejected. Please check your idea carefully before submitting such an idea.