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The Enterprise Service

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Discovery Review Service

Once you have a specific business idea or invention that you want to progress, then you can submit it to us using the Confidentiality Agreement and description forms that are in the Discovery Review Pack. We will take an in-depth look at your idea and we give you a report on whether it is new, if it will work and if it is likely to be valuable.

To do this we will do a Worldwide Patent Search and if relevant a Registered Design Search. We deliver the results to you in a bound report. Wherever possible we will include printouts of the most relevant patents or products that we find. This information is important to understand the technical and commercial competition that your idea may face.

If your idea is protectable we will explain the best way to do that and we will always do our best to explain any recommendations.
To get a Discovery Review Service pack and enrol in the Enterprise Service just click here.

Developing the Idea

Initially the challenge with most ideas will be technical and concerned with problems such as 'will it work?' and 'how can we make it?'.

Around this time it is also very important to establish the novelty of the idea to make sure that time and money isn't being wasted on something that has already been patented or protected in some other way. Make sure that you don't fall for any inventor scams like the one we describe here.

We can do a Patent Search to address this risk and we can also help with opinions on the technical viability of the idea. Of course not all ideas involve making technical products but the Intellectual Property in the idea should be protected. Read More >>>

A good way of protecting a business idea is to create a suitable brand name and then protect that name with a Registered Trade Mark for example.  Read More >>>
Membership Benefits

You can join the free online service by registering with your contact details. Just click the button above. Our services are fully compliant with British Standard BS8538

Once you have registered you can access free tools and documents and get access to other Enterprise Services. Any documents that you create will automatically include your details so that you don't have to keep entering it.

For example you can create Non-Disclosure Agreements or Confidentiality Agreements online and download them for your own use at no charge. An NDA is essential if you are going to talk to anyone else about your idea because without one you could lose the rights to your idea.

You get access as soon as we have received your details. You do not need to submit an idea or pay us any fees.  Click here to join.

The service is password protected so you can keep your work private. We can give you general advice and guidance but for your own protection we can only discuss specific ideas after there is a Non-Disclosure Agreement in place between us. This is activated when you submit an idea to our Discovery Review Service. You can do this online here.

So if you are still thinking about your idea you can use our services to improve it before you send it in - and all for free. Just click here to enter your details.