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Why You Should Get a Patent Search

Before you spend any serious amount of time and money developing a new idea you need to check that it is not already being done by someone else.

To use our free patent search tool just join our Enterprise Service. It's free. 

You can use the patent search tool to do basic checks for your idea. If you decide to take the next step of getting a detailed professional search our free pack includes a description form and a confidentiality agreement.

It might be disappointing to discover that your idea is not new, but it is a lot more disappointing to find out from someone claiming that you have copied their idea. You should get always get a professional search done before you invest time and money.

Getting a Patent Search

We provide two types of patent search as part of our Enterprise Service.

One is a free basic search tool that you can use to search our own patent database and the worldwide patent database.

The other is our Discovery Service that costs £299 and delivers a comprehensive world wide search and report.

To get these services you need to register for the free Enterprise Service so that we can send you a non-disclosure agreement to protect your ideas.

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What is a Patent Search?

When a patent has been published it can be found in one of the databases maintained by members of the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO). Once this has been done, or if the idea has been put in the public domain some other way, then it cannot be claimed and patented by anyone else. Although patents are granted by individual countries, if the idea is already in the public domain then a new patent cannot be granted by anybody. So all countries have to be checked before applying for a patent. The Patent Office will do this but it may take several months for them to send you the results. You should not invest any significant amounts of time or money until you have reasonable confidence that your idea can be protected.

If you develop and sell products in a country based on an idea that has already been patented by someone else for that country then you risk being sued for patent infringement. It is therefore vital that you confirm that your idea has not already been patented in a country where you want to do business. An important part of this process is to do a worldwide patent search for the idea. 

If the idea already exists, even if it has not been patented, then you will not be able to patent it. So it is also important to look for similar products and services that are on sale.

We provide a Worldwide Patent Search and Reporting service.

We also provide a free-to-use basic patent searching tool that uses our own extensive library of patent search results. Both these services are available as part of our Enterprise Service, which is free to join. The basic search tool is free to use but it is only intended for a 'quick look' to eliminate obvious clashes. Our Discovery Service patent searches cover the UK, USA, Europe, and all the major global markets. We include translations of any relevant patents into English. The Discovery Service results are delivered as a printed and bound report that you are free to use as you wish. We do not get any rights to your idea as a result of this service.

There are two key benefits of a search.
They are vital for anyone considering launching a new idea.

Firstly, to make sure that the idea is really new and available for exploitation. Failing to check this could at best result in money being wasted, or at worst being sued for infringing an existing patent.

Secondly, it is important to know what competing products and ideas exist so that you can plan to produce a better product.

How much does it cost?
The basic patent search tool is free to use. You can use it if you join the Enterprise Service. The Discovery Service, that includes the Worldwide Patent Search and Report, containing printouts of all the relevant patents that we find, costs £299 including VAT. You can get the Discovery Pack forms here.

To Get a Patent Search and access to the free tools just register for the Enterprise Service and we will send you a Confidentiality Agreement and the forms for you to tell us about your idea. Just click here.