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Many of the ideas we see are not feasible for reasons that have to do with the laws of physics. We have written a collection of papers that address some of the basic issues. We have tried to write them in language that is not too technical. Where it is relevant we have included equations and more detailed explanations so that you can use the results.
If you need more detailed help and advice why not submit your idea to the Discovery Service.
Listed here are some of the more common subjects that we are asked about. In particular we are always being sent designs for machines that can work without any external power, or that run for ever. These machines are impossible but often they are so intricate that it is difficult to analyse how they work. In that case we have to go back to basics and consider fundamental issues about energy and power.
The analysis of work and power is called thermodynamics and we have written a short paper that tries to explain why such machines are impossible to make. Sometimes when the source of power is not obvious people think that they have discovered a new source of power. Click the links below to find out more.